Efficacy testing: moisturizing and hydration

Skin hydration

Skin hydration is important for normal functioning of the skin and is primarily linked to the ability of the stratum corneum to retain water. While the amount of water in the inner layers of the skin is relatively constant. Adequate hydration is essential for maintaining healthy, plump, and radiant skin.

The process of hydration involves mechanisms like natural moisturizing factors, stratum corneum which prevents excessive water loss, sebum which maintains hydration by preventing excessive evaporation of water, water intake, hydrating skincare products…

Signs of skin dehydration

Skin dehydration occurs when the skin lacks adequate moisture and water. Skin can appear dull, dry and less supple.

Common signs are rough texture, tightness and discomfort, flakiness and peeling, increased sensitivity, redness, decreased elasticity and also fine lines and wrinkles.

Claims related to hydration



Cosmetics testing
Cosmetics testingCosmetics testing

Measurement principles and instruments

To prove moisturizing and hydrating claims we measure the following parameters using the following instruments:

Evaluation of skin hydration

  • Corneometer® (Courage + Khazaka Electronic)

  • Dermalab (Cortex Technologies)

  • Callegari SoftPlus (Callegari)

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Cosmetics testing

Graph visualisation

Cosmetics testing

Graph visualisation

Efficacy testing protocol is prepared for each product individually with close cooperation with the sponsor. Based on the claims, usage regime and efficacy expectations, we prepare a protocol that is suitable for the type of product and can confirm product efficacy. The studies can be performed over a different time period (from a few days to several weeks or months) depending on the claim and type of measurement.

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