South Korea


South Korea regulatory consultation firm Wise Co. Inc.

Wise Co., Inc. is a young, enthusiastic, rapid extending, and fast growing regulatory consultation firm in South Korea.  

One thing we would like to let you know is, 

We know about medical device and cosmetic certification, registration, approval, whatsoever.  

We have considerable experience with U.S. FDA, CE (European), Russia (Customs Union), Thailand, and Korea.

Call us, email us, let us know what you are curious about.

Let us provide you our quotation with other detailed information that might save your time and money.

We have foreign customers who have never met us in person, but are satisfied with our service quality. We are willing and able to provide you proofs that we are entitled in doing what we are doing.

Besides, is consultation cost too high in your country?

Try Korean consultant. You know Koreans work hard.  


Business Area 

Medical Device

  • CE MDD
  • MFDS (Former KGMP)
  • U.S. FDA (Except for PMA)
  • China (Very difficult to foreign manufacturers around these days)
  • Russia​


  • CPNP (European)
  • ​U.S.FDA
  • MFDS (Korea)
  • Russia (Customs Union)
  • TFDA (Thailand)
  • China (Very difficult to foreign manufacturers around these days)
  • Ukraine

Other services

  • Responsible Person (CPNP, European Cosmetic)
  • CE MDD (EC Representative)
  • U.S. Agent (U.S. FDA medical Devices)
  • Food (U.S. FDA)
  • GMDN
  • 2nd and 3rd party audit for QMS.
  • Free Sales Cert