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CE.way is a regulatory consulting company providing testing and regulatory services, including the EU Responsible person services, for the cosmetics industry.

tadej feregotto
Tadej Feregotto (CEO)

Tadej is the CEO of CE.way Regulatory Consultants Ltd. He holds an MBA from the Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana while he also studied in the UK (Birmingham City University) and Denmark (University of Southern Denmark). 

Tadej has worked at the regulatory consulting company Obelis s.a. before establishing his own regulatory consulting company. Besides that he also gathered business experience by working at 2 global automotive giants – Mazda and Kia.

Tadej is a sought after expert in the field of EU cosmetics regulation. He presented the EU cosmetics regulation to the cosmetics industry in Taiwan, Korea, held a presentation at the Perfumery and Cosmetics Association of Russia event in Moscow, K Beauty in Korea, presented cosmetic product claims at the proDERM Academy in Hamburg and at In-Cosmetics in Barcelona, as well as presented the product information file and CPNP notification at the Cosmetics Compliance Summit in New Jersey, where CE.way was one of the sponsors of the summit in 2014. Tadej also wrote a series of articles explaining various issues related to the EU cosmetics regulation for Professional Beauty magazine from South Africa, as well as for various other trade publications, such as Cosmetics Business.

His excellent client relations work and expertise in the EU cosmetics regulation is renowned by CE.way clients, which can be seen from their testimonials.