New bans, restrictions and SCCS opinions

Peanut Oil and Hydrolized Wheat Protein Restriction

Annex III 

Due to the concern over increasing adverse reactions, the EU Commission has decided to amend Annex III of the EU cosmetics regulation on 4 December 2017 in order to limit the use of peanut oil and hydrolized wheat proteins in cosmetics:

  • Peanut oil, extracts and derivatives which cover the following INCI names.: Arachis hypogaea oil, arachis hypogaea seedcoat extract, arachis hypogaea flour, arachis hypogaea fruit extract, arachis hypogaea srpout extract, hydrogenated peanut oil, peanut acid, peanut glycerides, peanut oil PEG-6 esters, peanutamide MEA, peanutamide MIPA, potassium peanutate, sodium peanutamphoacetate, sodium peanutate, sulphated peanut oil) may only contain a maximum concentration of 0.5 ppm of peanut proteins
  • The molecular weight average of the peptides in hydrolysed wheat proteins used in cosmetics is limited to a maximum of 3.5 kDa

Products which don’t comply with these new restrictions can’t be placed on the EU market anymore from 25 September 2018 on, while products already placed on the EU market before that date, which don’t comply with these new restrictions, have to be sold by 25 December 2018 latest.